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Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-Turn Mower for Sale in Liberty County, TX

Zero-turn mowers are loved for many reasons but the John Deere ZTrak mowers give you even more to love. These mowers are known for their signature zero-degree radius that makes them great for navigating tight spaces. The John Deere zero-turns are no different but they also have added capabilities such as speed, MulchControl, and a selection of high-grade mower decks to make your mowing experience even better. If you are looking for a zero-turn mower that will give you a crisp cut with no hassle, come by Shoppa’s John Deere in Liberty County, TX...

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Made for lawns of all sizes

Whether you have a small home in the suburbs or acres of land in the country, John Deere has a zero-turn for you. The mowers have horsepower ranging from 20-25 hp and have decks as wide as 48 - 60 in. The Z300 Series has mowers that are great for homeowners with less than a few acres of land. The Z500 Series is more suitable for homeowners with a generous amount of land from about 2-6 acres. The Z700 Series is made for the most ambitious mowing jobs of up to 8 acres of land.

Mower Deck Options

The residential John Deere zero-turn mowers have 3 mower deck options. The Accel Deep deck has a stamped-steel deep, flat-top design that delivers cleanliness, durability, and excellent cut quality. They are available on the Z300 mowers and select Z500 mowers. The High-Capacity decks are stamped from 9-gauge steel and have additional deck depth for better airflow, optimal great clipping dispersion, and to deliver a more premium cut. This deck can be found on select Z500 mowers. Finally, there is the High-Capacity PRO deck which has commercial-grade reinforcements to tackle the toughest mowing jobs and are exclusively on the Z700 mowers.

Helpful Features

John Deere ZTrak mowers were constructed to give you a high-quality cut but they also were made to make your experience more convenient and productive. They ensure you get the job done faster with speeds ranging from up to 7 - 10 mph. When it's time for a pit stop, you can service your mower easily with the John Deere Easy Change 30-second oil change system available exclusively on the Z300 mowers. You also have the option to mulch anywhere with the John Deere signature MulchControl. Comfort isn’t an issue thanks to the ComfortGlide suspension that controls the fore and aft movement of the seat so you can feel like you are floating above the ground. Also, some mowers come with LED lighting for those early mornings where you’re working before the sun comes up.

These zero-turn mowers give you everything to perform a great mowing job without much effort on your end. To see what all the hype is about, contact us to see which one is right for you, or visit us in Liberty County, TX.

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