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Tractor Implements for Sale in Harris County

Whether you are a farmer, a landowner, or a homeowner, there are some tractor implements that are useful for everybody. At Shoppa’s we offer essential tractor implements for all of our customers in Harris County. With John Deere’s quick-and-easy Quick-Knect System, you can add the perfect implement for your job and get to work.

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Front-End Loader

Front-end loaders are probably the most essential attachments you can have for your tractor. They are used on many worksites and used to carry out many different tasks. You can lift and transport any material from dirt, rocks, manure, debris and just about anything else as long as it is not greater than the operating capacity of your equipment. The loaders can also be used for digging. At Shoppa’s, all of our loaders have a single-point hydraulic connection that will save you time getting connected and give you more time to be productive. 


Front-End loaders are capable of scooping materials but if you want to do more thorough digging, backhoes are your best bet for an easy and smooth job. Backhoes are the ultimate tool for digging. This can come in handy for farmers who want to dig large holes for anchor posts or pole barn posts. It can also be useful for those doing landscaping or residential work such as transplanting trees, moving large rocks, or digging out stumps. Backhoes can also aid in moving, removing, or lifting materials. Our backhoes have valve spools with machine metering grooves that will give you exact control of multiple functions while having a smooth operation. Toss your shovel, and start doing some serious digging.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a must-have for those who own any type of grassland. The main function of a rotary cutter is to, you guessed it, cut through plant material. You might be thinking, isn't that what mowers are for? The answer to that is not quite. Rotary cutters are designed to cut through rough plant materials that a mower can’t handle. This includes bush, weeds, or tall grasses. At Shoppa’s, Harris County residents have access to a variety of cutters that fit their specific working conditions. We even offer our Flex Series that has models to accommodate those working in unique conditions such as rough farmland or along the roadside. 


There are several types of blades that are available as implements for your tractor. Every tractor owner should have the best blade for their operation. For property owners, a fundamental blade for your tractor is the box blade. Box blades are used for spreading materials like soil or gravel. It can also be used for grading, leveling, or backfilling your driveway, lawn, or garden. Front blades are useful for pushing things out of the way such as dirt, gravel, soil, or sand. Rear blades are ideal for gardening and landscaping grading.

This is just the beginning of your tractor implement collection. These implements are some of the most fundamental, but we offer many more options to make completing all of your chores a breeze. Visit a Shoppa’s location near you and we’ll take care of you.

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