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Small Tractors for Sale Near Houston, TX

Tractors are useful for way more than just large agriculture applications, but you don’t always need the biggest machines to get the job done. That is where small tractors come in. Small tractors, or compact tractors, are more flexible and maneuverable than larger tractors but still pack the power and capabilities to help you get stuff done. They can perform in a wide range of applications, and you don’t have to be a seasoned farmer to operate them. All you need is a plan and the right attachment. If you are looking for small tractors for sale ...

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Small tractors can be useful for….


If your green thumb is tired of maintaining your large garden all by itself, the right equipment can make the job much easier. Our John Deere 1 and 2 Series tractors can do the trick. Determining which one just depends on how much power and muscle you need. The 1 Series is known for its easy-to-use operation as well as its affordability, while the 2 Series is known for its excellent landscaping abilities. Each tractor can be helpful to your garden by pairing it with the right implements such as a loader or tiller for garden bed prep.


Say goodbye to your old lawnmower, because after using one of our drive-over mower decks you’ll never want to go back. You can pair your 1 Series or 2 Series tractor with the signature John Deere AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. Not only does this deck give you a precision cut but you can get connected in less than 60 seconds. All you have to do is drive over it and get to work.


All of our compact tractors have landscaping capabilities but the 2 Series tractors are coined the ultimate mini landscapers for a reason. With just enough power and torque for residential properties, you have all the tools to maintain your land without any problems. Get connected to implements easily with the iMatch Quick-Hitch and you can do anything from cutting, grading and leveling, to tilling, and even digging.

Small Farming

Farmers need small tractors, too! The 3E Series can help farmers carry out everyday activities on their farms in a more convenient way than hauling around a big utility tractor. With the right implement, you can do anything from cutting weeds to digging, loading, or spreading. Implement performance can be amped up by the optional two-spool selective control valve. For added convenience while carrying out work, you can upgrade to the 3R premium tractors that offer 3-range TwinTouch transmission and optional climate-controlled cab.

Heavy-Duty Work

Just because these tractors are small doesn’t mean they don’t have the power to carry out heavy-duty jobs. For serious workers such as farmers, cattlemen, ranchers, and more, you can get the job done with our John Deere 4 Series tractors. We have heavy-duty options that can reach up to 65.9 hp and power category 1 and 2 implements.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Want to take one of these tractors for a test drive? Visit us today at your nearest Shoppa’s location near Harris County. We’ll be happy to see you!

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