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Skid Steers for Sale in Liberty County

Skid Steers for Sale in Liberty County Shoppa’s John Deere

The way to make the most of a new skid steer is to find the right attachments to use at your worksite. At Shoppa’s in Liberty County, we offer skid steers that are compatible with the right implements to maximize your productivity. All skid steer models include the universal QuikTatch that can transform your loader into the perfect tool to help you get the job done. So which attachment should you pair with your skid steer?


If your job involves digging holes, getting an auger for your skid steer is a necessity. This can be used for projects involving fence posts, gate posts, planting trees, and more. Pairing an auger with a skid steer is more safe and effective than using one alone.  The new hydraulic motors on John Deere Augers have top-rated operating pressure and include planetary gearbox housing that brings the planetary gear set closer to the motor, so you can break up ground without breaking a sweat.


Heavy-duty work is bound to get messy, but no need to stress because adding a pickup broom to your machine will clean up the mess in no time. Deere brooms come with 50/50 poly wire brush segments to do the most successful job. You can choose from angled brushes or a standard pickup brush, depending on your terrain. Also, the motor and bearing separate from the brush core without having to disconnect any hydraulic hoses, making bristle replacement a breeze.

John Deere Bucket


Buckets are the most standard attachment you can use with your machine. There are a variety of buckets for several different tasks. John Deere offers multi-purpose buckets, rock buckets, side discharge buckets, and roll out buckets. Multi-purpose buckets are the most adaptable; capable of bulldozing, scraping, clamping material, and more. Rock buckets help sort through materials and remains, retaining rock and debris while digging. Side-charge buckets are best for material distribution in confined spaces. Rollout buckets are useful for elevated dump heights.


On nearly any job site there is going to be a lot of material to move around, especially in the industrial or landscaping industries. That is why having fork implements for your skid steer is essential. There are a variety of fork attachments you can use to move around various objects. Nursery forks are ideal for landscaping projects to transport trees, large rocks and boulders, or container stock. Pallet forks, which are skid-resistant on both sides, can be utilized to maneuver pallets and sturdy materials. 

318G skid steer

Root Rakes

Liberty County is a pretty forested area, so there will likely be many projects where you will have to clear land. This is where root rakes come in handy. Root rakes can remove trees and other rooted objects from the ground by digging up the roots. You can also remove rocks and debris from the earth while leaving the soil behind allowing you to have a level surface.