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Mower and ZTrak Service Specials

Save big on your ride-on and ZTrak

Service Includes:

• Inspect and Adjust Belts
• Inspect Blades
• Replace Spark Plugs
• Change Air Filter
• Check Battery Voltage
• Change Engine Oil and Filter
• Grease Axle and Mower Spindles
• Test Operation of Brakes, Safety System, Carburetor and Transmission
• Check Tire Tread and Pressure
• Level Mower Deck
• Check Transmission Fluid and Engine Coolant, if applicable
2 Blade Mower………$165.00*
3 Blade Mower…….. $235.00*
Z-Trak Mowers…….. $245.00*

Diesel Z-Trak:……….. $299.00*

*Prices include parts & labor for all services listed above. Prices do not include pick up & delivery or taxes.

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Mower and ZTrak Service Specials

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