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Mini Excavators for Sale

Mini Excavators for Sale in Harris County, TX

The bigger a city’s population, the more land that will be occupied. So when it comes to construction in a city, you will likely have to navigate tight or small spaces to get the job done. When you are in need of excavation jobs, a mini excavator can be the perfect solution to this problem. Compact or mini excavators have a small footprint, so they can perform heavy-duty tasks without taking up much space. This is perfect for somewhere like Harris County, which is the most populated county in Texas. At Shoppa’s John Deere of Texas, we have exca...

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The mini excavators' size is not the only reason these compact machines are so easy to maneuver. They also have several features that aid them in being productive in small spaces. All models have a reduced-tail-swing configuration, independent-swing-boom, and 360-degree rotation that allows the machine to work around obstacles seamlessly. The 17G, which is the smallest model, also has a foldable blade that can be hydraulically retracted to work in narrow pathways and tight corners.


The John Deere compact excavators have a great amount of power for their small frames. Their power ranges from 14.3 to 53 hp. They have the ability to perform tough digging jobs with their impressive breakout force, bucket force, and arm force. The 35G, 50G, and 60G allow you to dictate your engine speed when switching between Power mode and Economy mode. They are also durable, sharing some of the same features as larger equipment such as powered-metal oil-impregnated boom, arm, and bucket bushing.


Just like you will value the machine, this machine will value you too. The operator can work comfortably in the cab which provides convenience and a pleasant user experience. The cab features large entryways and uninterrupted sightlines. There is also a high-velocity climate control system that will keep the operator comfortable despite outside conditions. In the cab, the operator can navigate controls easily with the ergonomic pilot-control levers and durable monitor that provides info on many functions such as auto shutdown and power/economy mode.

Your workspace might be limited, but when you complete the job with a John Deere mini excavator, your possibilities will not be. If you would like more information on our compact construction equipment or have any questions, contact your local Shoppa’s dealer, visit any one of our eight locations, or anytime online at www.sfstractor.com.

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