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John Deere Zero-Turn Mower

John Deere Zero-Turn Mower For Sale in East Bernard

Forget everything you know about traditional lawn mowers and upgrade to something even better. At Shoppa’s we have John Deere Zero-Turn mowers for sale that will give you the precision, comfort, and satisfaction that you can’t find in other mowers. It will also give you a better and faster cut. If you are in the East Bernard area and looking for a machine to defy your mower expectations, stop by Shoppa’s and prepare to get blown away.

How can the ZTrak mower benefit me?


One of the most impressive features of John Deere’s ZTrak mower is its zero-turn technology. These mowers are able to turn in ways other mowers can’t due to their zero-turning radius. This makes it ideal for people who have lawns with several obstacles like trees that require twists and turns to maneuver through. Don’t worry, for times when you need a straight line cut, these mowers come with on-the-go tracking adjustment to help you steer straight.

Mower Options

These mowers include not one, not two, but three mower options that can give you the exact cut you desire. The Accel mower deck has a flat-top design that gives a superior cut at faster speeds. The High-Capacity mower gives a premium cut that has better airflow which is great for clipping dispersion. Finally, the High-Capacity PRO mower deck is built to take on the toughest jobs, ideal for larger properties.

Convenience and Comfort

You might think a mower with all of these features and perks would be difficult to operate, but you would be wrong! Each Zero-Turn mower is user-friendly and easy to operate so you can have a smooth ride. The controls are easy-to-use and highly visible, located on the right side of the operator station. The operator’s station also has many features such as amplified legroom, comfortable seat, and seat suspension.


In addition to their stand-out features, these mowers have power and torque that is impressive on their own. The V-twin engine gives these mowers outstanding performance that provides greater torque and lowers vibration, with horsepower that ranges from 20-25 hp. You can also get the job done faster since the ZTrak mowers can reach speeds from 7 to 10 mph. 

To get all the luxuries that our John Deere ZTrak mowers can provide, request a quote or contact our East Bernard Shoppa’s location today! This is an investment worth making for your land.

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