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John Deere Skid Steer

John Deere Skid Steer For Sale in Texas

Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the country and takes the lead in raw population growth. With new residents comes a need for new infrastructure and development, and with the abundance of land Texas provides, it is the perfect playground for your next construction project. Large equipment can be helpful for large projects but their size makes their possibilities limited. To do more you actually need something smaller to add to your fleet, which is why owning a skid steer can advance your project. Skid steers are compact yet durabl...

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Determine what size Skid Steer you need


Our small frames, which consist of the 316GR and 318G, provide great maneuverability that makes them excellent for certain applications like interior and underground construction. These models weigh less than 7,000 lbs so they can work without being damaging to soft and vulnerable grounds. Don’t forget that the smaller they are, the more detail can be shown in their work, so they are great tools to work with for precision and conciseness. Their lightweight frames also make them ideal for transportation, getting from one site to another without too much force.


These models are larger than the small frames but still compact enough to provide better maneuverability than the large frames. The 320G and 324G give you the best of both worlds with their decent maneuverability plus added strength and power. The horsepower of these models ranges from 66-70 hp to give attachments an extra kick while having the strength to pull heavier loads with bucket breakout forces ranging from 4,000-6,200 lbs. So when you need to do heavy-duty work in a tight space, these frames are your go-to.


For heavy-duty jobs, our large-frame options are up for the task. The 330G and 332G provide enough power and torque to take on some of the same jobs as the big guys. With the largest model having a capacity of 3,600 lbs and a breakout force of 9,250, things like demolition and excavation projects are no issue. They also have an increased lift height than smaller models so not too many things are out of reach.

How skid steers can be useful to your Texas project


The White House confirmed a need for new and improved roads in Texas in the 2021 national infrastructure bill. Skid steers can help with that. There are multiple attachments available to aid in the many steps of road work from demolition, grading, to paving. A cold planer is a useful attachment to aid in street repairs, leveling, and uneven pavement.


Sometimes to start new you have to get rid of the old! The mid-frame and large-frame skid steers are great for demolition work with the right attachments. Common choices include hydraulic hammers, grapples, and more.


Skid steers are experts in anything involving dirt which can be helpful in many projects. Whether it’s excavation, digging, or trenching, skid steers have nice capabilities. You can use augers to get deep in dirt fast for things like fence posts or poles, trenchers to plant power lines, or a backhoe for digging. There are many possibilities with several attachment options.


A skid steer can also be useful in residential or commercial projects by making the exterior of your property look nice. Landscaping can involve several jobs but common attachments used tend to be tillers, rakes, blades, and even cutters.


A job that is universal for all applications is loading materials and skid steers are no stranger to it. Buckets are the most standard attachment to pair with your skid steer to transport materials from place to place.

If you have any more questions or would like more information on how to choose the skid steer for your project, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Shoppa’s dealer!

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