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John Deere Skid Steer

John Deere Skid Steer For Sale in Harris County

Skid steers are excellent machines to own for small-scale construction projects or residential projects because they are maneuverable with high efficiency. This is great for our Harris County customers who are steadily building new projects in already populated areas, whether Houston, Pasadena, or Katy. The small size not only packs serious power but it also means little experience is needed to operate. No matter who you are, it is always important for operators to be educated on the basic safety measures for operating a skid steer. Operating y...

Before you start working

We all know you can’t wait to get to work when you have a new Skid Steer from Shoppa’s. However, before you officially start carrying out tasks it is important that you take these precautions to operate smoothly. First, make sure the parking brake is on before getting in your vehicle. After doing this and getting comfy in the operator’s seat, check all your controls to make sure nothings out of whack. If everything looks good, start your engine, remove your parking brake, and start rolling.

For first-time users

If this is your first time operating your John Deere skid steer, take a little time to get familiar with your machine and the controls. You don’t want to speed off without knowing what you’re getting yourself into; so until you’re familiar with the equipment, operate at a reduced speed. 

Using Attachments

Pairing your skid steer with an attachment can help you complete an array of tasks for your project easily. Of course, if you’re using attachments you want to make sure you are using them right. So before connecting your attachment to the universal QuikTatch, make sure you have the right size for your machine. Also, lower your lift fully before engaging or disengaging attachments to avoid injuries. When attaching, make sure you get the attachment properly secured to the mounting system. When you’re done utilizing your attachment, make sure you stop the engine and release pressure in the hydraulic lines to remove the attachment. Proceed with caution, because the hydraulic couplers will be hot after use- and Texas is already hot enough!

Safely Handling Loads

When handling loads on your job site, always make sure you enter the material pile slowly. Here’s a secret, your machine will have more power with less movement of the controls. When carrying a load, always carry it as low as possible for best stability and visibility. When approaching your dumpsite, slow down and raise load slowly to avoid spilling it out of the back of the bucket.

Be aware of your surroundings

When operating any vehicle it is vital to be aware of your surroundings in order to avoid accidents. Make sure you have full visibility and avoid coming in close contact with people or any unmarked obstructions. It is also a good idea to map out any obstacles that could be hazardous on your worksite before beginning your project. This includes being aware of overhead power lines and underground power lines and gas lines. Also, mark any underground utilities before working. Another thing to note is if you are working in an enclosed area, be sure to have proper ventilation because exhaust fumes can be deadly.

Shutting Down

After a hard day's work or when you need to take a break, make sure you are shutting off your vehicle properly. Always park your machine on a level surface and lower your boom and attachment flat on the ground. After engaging the parking brake button, lower engine rpm. Then let the engine run without a load for a few minutes to allow the turbocharger to cool down. After a few minutes, you can stop the engine. If your machine is equipped with a key be sure to remove it and if it has a cab make sure to lock it. Congratulations, you just operated your equipment safely and efficiently.

Whether you are a seasoned skid steer operator or a newcomer it is always important to use precautions, follow safety guidelines, and overall use good judgment when operating machinery. This is just the surface of safety tips you can instill, for more detailed information make sure to read your operator’s manual of your machine or contact us at any of our Shoppa’s locations surrounding Harris County for any questions.

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