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John Deere Skid Steer for Sale in East Bernard, TX

John Deere Skid Steer for Sale in East Bernard, TX Shoppa’s John Deere

When shopping for a new Skid Steer, it is important to find the best match for you. At Shoppa’s John Deere, we offer plenty of options so you can choose the one that does exactly what you need it to. The skid steers that we have for sale at Shoppa’s in East Bernard will ensure the best performance and efficiency for all your construction needs, whether big or small.

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318G skid steer

For mobility…

You want a vehicle that will get the job done without being overbearing. Our small frame skid steers are the one for you. The 318G model is under 7000 lbs, making front-end and rear-end tie downs hassle-free. It also offers two speed options so you can cut work time and boost productivity.

For the best user experience… 

The best options for you are our mid frame options. The 320G and 324G Skid Steers provide the ultimate user experience with features such as Bluetooth, a four-season cab, and heated seats for those cold winter days. All models come with John Deere’s universal Quick-Tatch that allows you to easily switch out implements such as augers, brooms, power rakes, and more, allowing you to get multiple things done while being comfortable.

John Deere Skid Steer

If you want something that goes above and beyond…

For bigger projects when you need all hands on deck, you want our large frame skid steers. The 330G and 332G will deliver peak performance and productivity. Both offer the EH Boom performance package with several functions such as return to dig and return to carry to ensure maximum convenience. Both models also include the onboard grade indication option. This provides cross-slope or roll and mainfall slope or pitch of the machine within the in-cab monitor display. The large-frame Skid Steers also allow you to utilize a broader range of attachments with its increased auxiliary hydraulic flow.

A closer look at each model...

318G Skid Steer

The 318G has an operating capacity of 883 kg with 65 hp, being the smallest of the pack. Nevertheless, the standard Final Tier 4 engine ensures that your vehicle has as much power and torque as the big boys. Like all of the other models, it includes John Deere’s universal Quick-Tatch to tackle multiple jobs. This model also includes a vertical lift boom that will allow you to reach greater heights and have more stability as well as truck-loading power.

320G Skid Steer

The 320G is the smallest mid-frame option, but still has an operating capacity of 1221 kg and 69 hp. This model has bucket breakout forces and auxiliary flow that are the best in its industry. It can also include JD link which provides machine data and health alerts to optimize uptime.

324G Skid Steer

The 324G Skid Steer provides the same operating capacity and auxiliary flow and the ladder but sits at about 74 hp. This model also can reach a height of 10ft. 6in., making it ideal for high-sidewall dump trucks, feed mixers, and hoppers.

330G Skid Steer

This large-frame vehicle has an operating capacity of 1362 kg and 91.2 hp. It offers the notarized EH Boom performance and onboard grade option mentioned previously. In addition, it offers a spacious cab allowing the user to have plenty of leg and foot room. You can add a 90 in. bucket to increase productivity.

332G Skid Steer

John Deere’s 32G is the top of the food chain when it comes to skid steers, it has a jaw-dropping operating capacity of 1634 kg and a horsepower of 100. It includes all the impressive features of the 330G model with additional muscle to tackle your most demanding tasks.