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John Deere Excavators For Sale in Harris County

At Shoppa’s John Deere, we believe our customers’ opinions matter. That is why we carry John Deere compact excavators that were designed with owners’ and operators’ input in mind. The result is our G-series excavators that guarantee reliability, comfortability, and premium uptime. Take a look at Shoppa’s excavator inventory to see how we can meet your specific construction needs.


The best thing about having a compact excavator is that it can move in ways that the larger equipment can’t. The G-Series models have either a zero-tail swing or reduced-tail-swing that allow them to be productive even in tight spaces. You can even transform our 17G model into a smaller frame by retracting the variable-width undercarriage and foldable blade, making it excellent for working in narrow pathways or tight quarters. Its small frame also makes this equipment perfect for “dig and go” jobs when you have to move around. When it’s time to take your equipment off-site, our mini excavators are easy to trailer, so packing up is quick and easy.


These machines are capable of doing serious work despite their size. The models’ operating weights range from 1.7 to 6 metric tons. The models can get pretty deep; the 60G has a max digging reach of 20 ft. It’s not just capable of digging through the soft stuff either. For example, the 30G model has outstanding bucket force, breakout force, and lift capability to power through even rough conditions. Customers are also given the freedom of choosing tracks that best fit their terrain. This includes rubber tracks that are built to handle nearly any terrain, steel tracks, or steel tracks with rubber pads.


Who knew comfort could come in such a small size? That’s the case with the spacious operating station featured in our excavators. Exiting and entering your station is no problem with its wide entryways. There is also clear visibility with the included high-velocity bi-level climate control system. This feature comes with automotive-style adjustable levers that helps keep glass clear and operators comfortable, which is a gift in the humid Texas heat.


Excavators are most commonly used with a backhoe implement for superior digging capabilities. However, at Shoppa’s our John Deere excavators can easily switch out attachments such as augers, buckets, and hammers. Operators can even use two attachments at once with our new standard selector valve.

To discover more things that your compact excavator can do, visit us at your nearest Shoppa’s location and we’ll get you in the perfect model for you.

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