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Excavator for Sale in Harris County, TX

When it comes to construction equipment, bigger isn’t always better. Our mini excavators pack the power to let no job go unfinished. Our excavators have power ranging from 14.5 to 53 horsepower. Each model delivers performance that is reliable and convenient, and it is easy to maneuver. If you are in Harris County, TX looking for an excavator that’s perfect for your small-scale operation, check out the excavators we have for sale at Shoppa’s Farm Supply.

How compact excavators can benefit you

Using a compact excavator for your operation has many advantages. Compact excavators are small but can be more manageable than larger equipment in smaller projects such as landscaping, building, and site-development projects. Each model has a compact design that includes reduced tail swing configuration, independent swing-boom, and 360-degree rotation allowing them to maneuver worksites with ease. The 17G even has a foldable blade that allows you to move through tight entryways. Their small frames also allow them to be easily transported for quick “dig and go” jobs. On top of being more maneuverable and user-friendly, the G-series delivers praiseworthy bucket force, breakout force, and lift capability to handle intense digging jobs.

Standout Features

Modes of Operation

The larger 35G, 50G, and 60G models provide power/economy work modes that allow you to match your engine speed to your application. When you select Power mode you can access higher engine speeds that are ideal for most general digging jobs. To increase fuel efficiency, you can use Economy mode which reduces engine speed and noise, great for lighter digging demands.

Control pattern selector

Conveniently located in a compartment underneath the seat, the control pattern selector valve allows you to customize your user experience according to the attachment you are using. You can switch from backhoe to excavator style controls easily allowing you to get the most out of your attachment.

Standard selector valve

Upgrade your productivity by not only utilizing one attachment but two at the same time! This is possible with the standard selector valve, available exclusively on the 26G and 30G. The operator can divert the supply/return oil from one another by changing the valve position.

Climate control system

Work comfortably no matter outside conditions with the automatic high-velocity, bi-level climate control system. Stay cool and also keep the glass clear so you can be at your best to get the job done.

Contact us or visit us in person at your nearest Shoppa’s John Deere dealer for further assistance or information on our excavators! We’ll be happy to help you find what’s best for you and your application.

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