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Construction Attachments For Sale in Montgomery County, TX

Part of owning construction equipment is having attachments to use with it, and we’ve a lot for you to choose from. John Deere makes 100+ attachment options for compact construction equipment. That’s right, 100+! John Deere wants to make sure you have what you need to get the job done correctly and efficiently. At Shoppa’s John Deere, we sell all of John Deere’s compact construction equipment attachments, and if we don’t have it in stock, we special order it just for you.

Why Buy John Deere Construction Attachments?

John Deere has a long-standing reputation for making high-quality agriculture equipment; that same dedication to quality is seen in their construction equipment. When you buy John Deere’s construction attachments, you are buying equipment that is built to withstand years of hard labor. They are designed with heavy-duty material so you can use them in tough conditions without worry about causing premature wear. Before mass producing attachments, they go through a variety of tests to make sure they hold up to John Deere’s quality standards. When you buy brand new John Deere construction attachments, you not only have the reassurance of them being manufactured with premium parts, they are also covered under warranty. Most of the attachments are compatible with 2 or more of John Deere’s compact construction equipment: skid steers, compact track loaders, excavators, and compact wheel loaders.

5 Popular Compact Construction Attachments

John Deere Bucket

1. Buckets

As one of the most commonly used attachments at job sites, buckets are at the top of our lists. While all-in-all the concept of a bucket is quite simple–haul materials–there are lots of different applications where they need to be used. John Deere offers 11 different variations of buckets to ensure there is at least one that will fit your needs. Some of John Deere’s bucket variations include construction, rollout, dirt, grading heel, and rock.

2. Trencher

One of the most useful attachments for putting in underground electrical lines is a trencher. There are also other ways trenchers can be beneficial. They are good for cutting through pavement, putting in drainage systems, and putting in sprinkler systems. John Deere’s trencher attachment can be used with both skid steers and compact track loaders.

3. Pallet Forks

An inevitable part of working in construction is needing to lift and move materials, two things pallet forks are great at. They can be used to move pallet loads of materials, to raise building materials to the next level, to haul piping and spools, the possibilities are endless. John Deere builds three different types of pallet forks; rail, heavy-duty, and severe duty. These forks are compatible with skid steers, compact wheel loaders, and compact track loaders.

4. Brooms

If you work in road construction, brooms are likely very familiar to you. Brooms are a great addition to any roadway construction fleet. John Deere’s brooms are heavy duty and have 50/50 poly wire brush segments. Should you ever need to replace any bristles, the process is quick and easy. John Deere makes two broom attachment types- angle and pick-up. The angle brooms are designed to clear debris by moving it one side, pick-up brooms are designed to clear debris by actually picking it up.

5. Backhoe

If digging deep holes is anywhere on your to-do list, having a backhoe attachment is a must-have. John Deere’s backhoe attachment is compatible with skid steers and compact track loaders. Having a backhoe attachment is handy for road construction, building construction, digging drainage ditches, and a passel of other tasks.


If you have or are thinking about getting a John Deere skid steer, compact track loader, or compact wheel loader, there is one attachment you should get that will make connecting to the other attachments easier, the Quik-TatchTM. The Quik-TatchTM connects to the front of the loader arms and drastically reduces the time it takes to switch between attachments.

To claim your construction attachments or to learn more about the attachments we offer, contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you are in the Montgomery County area, swing by your nearest Shoppa’s John Deere dealership and we can get you set up today!