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Construction Attachments for Sale in Harris County, TX

One of the good things about compact construction equipment is that their small frame allows them to be fit for several applications. Whether you need equipment for a jobsite, farm, or landscaping tasks, owning CCE can be very beneficial to your operation as long as you have the right attachment. There are more than 100 attachments to choose from, which may seem overwhelming, but we can help you out with that.

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Moving Materials

John Deere Bucket


The first attachment you should consider for your machine is a bucket. Buckets can come in handy for nearly any application due to their versatility. You have several buckets to choose from depending on the job at hand. Multi-purpose buckets are universal buckets that can do anything from loading, scraping, and even bulldozing materials. Rollout buckets are great to use for jobs that require elevated dump heights in lightweight, high-capacity applications. Side discharge buckets work best for close-quarter material distribution. Rock buckets are ideal for removing debris from job sites and sifting and sorting through material.


Buckets do a great job at gathering loose materials but when you need to maneuver larger and more sturdy objects, forks are your best friend. There are two types of forks- pallet forks and nursery forks. Pallet forks are, of course, great for moving pallets but can also be useful in moving large items such as boxes or logs. Nursery forks are smaller forks ideal for moving and planting burlapped and balled trees and container stock.


When you really need to get a grip on things to move them, grapples are the way to go. Grapples have claws that can clamp on to various materials to make sure that they are secure when transporting them. Scrap grapples are made to handle compressed scrap or recycled material. They can be invaluable in disaster and cleanup applications. Rock grapples have a more universal use and can be used to handle things such as tree branches, rocks, and brush, beneficial for land-clearing jobs.

Getting “dirt-y”


When you need something to help you get deep within the earth, an auger is what you need. An auger uses a planetary-gear mechanism to dig within dirt and soil to give you a precise, deep hole with a max diameter of 36 inches. This is an excellent tool to utilize when you need holes for planting trees or installing a fence. 


For larger digging tasks, a backhoe should be your go-to attachment. Our backhoes have a max dig depth of 133 inches and have a 180-degree swing that maximizes efficiency. This attachment can be useful anywhere from the farm, to a jobsite to your home. Not only are they great for digging but they can also be useful for small demolitions and light transportation of items.

John Deere Rotary Tiller


If you are planning to start a garden for your home or commercial applications, you should invest in a tiller. Tillers break up the ground beneath them to prepare a soil bed for gardens. The tilling process improves the overall soil health which can be very beneficial to your garden, allowing it to flourish. 

At Shoppa’s we want to make sure all of our Harris County customers get equipment that can truly benefit their operation. If you have any questions on how to jump-start your operation or would like more information, contact us and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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