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Compact Track Loader For Sale

Compact Track Loader For Sale in Harris County

When you need a machine that is compact enough to work in small-scale worksites but big enough to do an exceptional job, John Deere’s CTLs are your dream come true. If you are in Harris County looking for a compact track loader to take your project to the next level, come to Shoppa’s John Deere and we will take care of you.


Our collection of CTLs are heavy on the power so your work can be stress-free. They each include an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/Stage IV engine that was crafted to have superior fuel efficiency and uptime. Each model has extreme bucket breakout forces and pushing power to help the operator accomplish many tasks. With all this power you would think it would drain your tank right? Wrong. The 325G, 331G, and 333G have large tanks so you can work all day with no interruptions. 

Impressive Features

The G-series compact track loaders also include features that will cause your productivity to soar. Grading is made much easier with the standard DozerMode which uses fully integrated 3D grade control technology to create a smooth and precise grading job. The 331G and 333G models also include a two-speed drivetrain which gives your speed a boost for quicker cycles.


Using compact track loaders over a wheeled machine such as a skid steer guarantees more stability especially on softer or uneven surfaces. The 317G model has a 15.8-inch-wide track, and ground pressure of 4.5 psi, making it suitable for soft underfoot conditions and side-slope stability. The 331G and 333G models have larger track frames and optimized roller spacing for better balance and stability. Another feature that improves stability is the vertical-lift boom, a feature that also offers greater lift height and truck-loading ability.

Load Ability

What would a compact track loader be without its ability to lift? These CTLs have operating weights that range from 2,125 lbs to 3,700 lbs, making them fit for heavy loads. Lifting loads isn’t a challenge either with the increased breakout forces from previous models. With reach up to 11 ft, they truly take loading to new heights. Loading things like fill hoppers and feed mixers is easier than ever. 

Shoppa’s compact track loaders are something you need for your next small-scale construction project. The new features and improvements John Deere has added will make being on the job your favorite place to be. Residents of Harris County, visit your nearest Shoppa’s dealer and get a quote today!

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