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Buyer’s Guide to Lawn Mowers

Buyer’s Guide to Lawn Mowers in Texas

As the weather gets warmer, the grass gets greener which makes it the perfect time to get your lawn in order. That means it’s time to get the best lawn mower for your property. Any lawn mower can cut, but not every lawn mower can give you a cut that caters specifically to your terrain. With that being said, whether you're a homeowner or a professional landscaper you must know which lawn mower will give you a supreme cut. At Shoppa’s John Deere in Texas, we have a few options for you to choose from

Zero-Turn Mower

Best for: Flat land with tight corners and spaces

John Deere’s ZTrak zero-turn mowers were made to make mowing in areas with limited space easy. The zero-turn technology allows you to get into spaces traditional mowers can’t get to and you don’t even have to leave your seat! The residential options include the Z300, Z500 and Z700 Series and they boost up to 20-25 hp. Choose from the classic Accel Deep mower or the advanced High-Capacity mower to deliver a high-quality cut. These mowers can also reach up to 10 mph so you can get done faster. For commercial jobs, we offer the Z900 Series to get the job done. The Z900 Series is equipped with a larger fuel tank than residential models and can reach up to 35 hp to handle bigger, rigorous jobs. The mower deck options include the 7 Iron PRO Discharge mower, Mulch On Demand mower, and the Fastback PRO rear discharge mower.

John Deere Lawn Tractor

Lawn Tractors

Best for: Users who want easy-to-use functions

If you want a ride-on lawn mower that is simple to use and convenient for your average lawn job you might be interested in the John Deere 100 and 200 Series Lawn Tractors. These were made for the average homeowner to be able to operate them easily and swiftly, with no prior experience needed. They are also affordable so you won't have to put a dent in your wallet for a good quality lawn mower. The 100 Series features the Edge mower decks that come in sizes 42-, 48-, and 52-inch so you can choose the size that works best with your yard. The 200 Series features the Accel Deep mowers in sizes 42- and 48-inch. Both series have a hydrostatic transmission that gives you access to infinite ground speeds and allows you to change direction easily.

Select Series Lawn Tractors

Best for: hilly and challenging terrain

If your lawn is composed of hills and obstacles that might be challenging for other mowers to maneuver through then this series is your problem solver. The Select Series lawn tractors include the X300, X500, and X700 lawn tractors. What separates these lawn mowers from others in handling tough terrain is their 4WD capabilities. They also are built with a hydrostatic transaxle with traction assist to support heavy loads and pull through in heavy-duty applications. This can come in handy when using mower attachments such as carts to carry out other tasks around your yard. Each Select Series features the Accel Deep mower decks in various sizes. Certain X700 models are equipped with the heavy-duty High-capacity deck.

Mowing Attachments

When you choose the right mower for you, you can increase your productivity around your home by adding an attachment to your equipment. This includes:

  • Brush Guards and Bumpers
  • Carts
  • Lights
  • Material Collection Systems
  • MulchControl
  • And more
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