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Build Your Own Tractor Package near Houston

Build Your Own Tractor Package near Houston

Build Your Own!
Build it price it own it

Purchasing a tractor package gives you much more value than buying a tractor alone. But sometimes dealers offer packages with items you may not necessarily need for your job. You shouldn’t feel a need to compromise. At Shoppa’s Farm Supply near Houston, you have total control to pick and choose what John Deere tractor fits your work needs with the Build Your Own Tractor Package. To get your dream tractor package all you have to do are three things. 

Build Your Own Here!


When we say you have full control over your package, we truly mean it. Not only can you choose any model of our John Deere compact tractors (1 Series - 4 Series) but you can also choose from select models of the 5 Series utility tractors OR our residential ZTrak mowers. So whether it’s grading a driveway, lifting bales, or mowing your lawn, you’ll have everything you need to complete the task.. 

The 1 Series (21.5-23.9 hp) is a great choice for small homeowners who need help with regular maintenance and upkeep of their property. The 2 Series (24.2-36.7 hp), known as the mini landscapers, were made to assist with residential and commercial maintenance, as well as start a few projects. The 3 Series (24.7-45.3 hp) tractors can come in handy for small farming and landscaping tasks. The 4 Series (41.3-65.9 hp) were made for heavy-duty tasks on applications where big tractors can’t fit. For those looking for a utility tractor, the 5 Series (50 hp - 128 hp) has plenty of models that give you plenty of power, durability, and premium features to handle heavy-duty chores.

Along with your tractor, you get to choose compatible implements that can range from anything from rotary cutters to land planes. This freedom of choice will guarantee you get your money’s worth and that you will be ready to work as soon as you leave the dealership.

Last but not least, our residential ZTrak Series offer plenty of options that will give you the ideal mowing experience giving you a high-quality cut in half the time as traditional mowers.


Tractors aren’t cheap. That is why we make special deals like our tractor packages more attainable. Not only are prices lower than buying equipment separately, but we also offer financing options including 0% APR for 72 months. That means you can walk away with a new tractor for as low as $200 a month! If you want even more of a deal, there are also additional discounts when you use cash or let us choose your implements for you!


At Shoppa’s we want to make sure buying your tractor is as seamless as possible. That is why we offer free delivery to buyers who are within a 50-mile radius of our 8 dealerships in Texas. We also want to make sure your tractor journey is as seamless as possible. So we have PowerGard protection plans available for all packages. A PowerGard protection plan will save you on unexpected repairs, coverage on genuine parts and more.

There are not many tractor package deals that can give you this much value. All you have to do is follow the three steps. Build it. Price It. Own It. We proudly serve Houston residents, and have several locations outside the Houston area. If you would like immediate assistance building your tractor call 979-335-4888.