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Best Tractor Implements for Homeowners in Liberty, Texas

Best Tractor Implements for Homeowners in Liberty, Texas

As a homeowner, you’re given the opportunity to be the boss of your own land. That means you decide what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. While you may not have all the tools to do so, our team at Shoppa’s + John Deere is ready to help get what you need. From moving materials and digging up land to managing and maintaining the terrain, we offer a variety of different implements here in Liberty, Texas.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best implements for homeowners who are looking for quality performance at an affordable price.

Box Blade

Known as one of the most versatile implements for homeowners, box blades are used to level, grade, backfill, and spread material. Scarifiers are used to break up the material so the box can then smooth out the terrain. Whether you have a gravel driveway, dirt paths, or plots of soil, you can keep land leveled to your preference.

Front-End Loader

Front-end loaders are one of the most essential tractor implements because they play a vital role in almost every job: transportation. Different attachments are available to transport and load different types of material. Buckets can dig, scoop, and even smooth out dirt, rocks, and debris. A pallet fork attachment can help haul heavy loads and stackable material like logs and sod.

Rotary Cutter

Homeowners and landowners often rely on rotary cutters for fast, reliable mowing. With the ability to cut through thick brush, pesky weeds, and overgrown grass, this implement uses a double-deck design to ensure consistent material flow. Frontier offers different widths and models to better match your land. For a smoother, more polished look, check out our grooming mower implements.

Rotary Tiller

John Deere Rotary Tiller RT3062R

Designed to weed, plow, and crumble soil into clod-free seedbeds, rotary tillers use curved tines that are powered by the compact tractor’s PTO. Tilling helps break up the soil, allowing healthy supplements to get deep where the plant roots can access them. Great for homeowners with gardens, rotary tillers can easily keep soil and crops at their healthiest.

Broadcast Spreader

For uniform placement, broadcast spreader implements consistently distribute material throughout your land. With different spread patterns available, you can match your needs while still covering ground quickly and efficiently. Choose between the pull-type or PTO models and spread everything from salt and sand to seeds and fertilizer.


Many of our customers like to have a backhoe implement on standby for weekend projects or DIY jobs that come up. With the ability to dig, move, backfill, plow, and load, backhoes come in handy in a multitude of projects. Whether you’re moving rocks, pushing topsoil into place, digging up a pool, or demolishing old structures, backhoes offer precise control and ample torque.

We carry most John Deere and Frontier implements because we believe in the equipment we sell. If you aren’t sure what the best solution for your land is, send us a message of your short- and long-term goals and we will help figure out a plan for you. With flexible financing options and a dedicated team, you’ll never be left in the dark. Stop by for a visit or give us a call to get started today.

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