John Deere Partnership & Affiliation Discounts

John Deere Rewards Program

John Deere makes it easy for consumers and members of affiliated groups to get the best deals and discounts on John Deere Equipment. Whether you're a small landowner with a few pieces of equipment or running a large agricultural operations with a whole stable of tractors, there's a John Deere Rewards program thats right for you. 

silver membership badge

Perfect for homeowners and hobby farms, the John Deere Silver program requires no purchase to start and is a free, 12 month membership. You can expect a Quarterly Rewards Email with special offers and you'll be among the first to know about knew products and other special benefits. 
gold membership badge

Gold Membership is automatic when you purchase your first piece of equipment, making this the ideal membership for small landowners who are already John Deere customers. You'll get all the benefits of the Silver Membership as well as being eligible for upgrade to a Platinum Membership with the purchase of your second John Deere machine within your membership period.

platinum membership badge

Purchasing 2 pieces of John Deere Equipment automatically enrolls you in a Platinum Membership. This is the ideal membership level for fleet owners and large organizations. You'll not only enjoy national discounts and specials, but you'll get fleet discounts, parts and service discounts, and exclusive offers. You'll also receive compounding discounts based on your level within the Platinum Membership program. The more John Deere Equipment you buy, you can upgrade to Level 2 and Level 3 Platinum memberships to enjoy even more savings. 

Affiliated Partners

We work with a number of affiliated partners to provide John Deere Rewards memberships to a wide group of people. If you're a member of any of these affiliated partners, you can start a new membership or in many case, you can upgrade an existing membership. If you belong to multiple organizations, their affiliations will often double up, allow you to make significant upgrades to your membership. It's all part of our way for saying Thank You for being involved in your community.

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