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The new 8000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters have five all-new models, ranging from 375 to 616 horsepower, for season-long reliability, excellent cutting performance and more profitability.

  • 617 hp FT4 John Deere engine.
  • All-new design delivers improved serviceability with an integrated KP hoist, easy header hook-up and ground level fuel fill.
  • A best-in-class cab offers easier to use controls, better display access and visibility.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model 8600
Engine power  
Maximum power at 1800 rpm  460 kW 
   625 PS / 616 hp 
Maximum power at 1900 rpm  ---  
Rated power at 2100 rpm  428 kW 
   582 PS / 574 hp 
Fuel tank capacity  1100 L 
   290.6 U.S. gal. 
Manufacturer  John Deere  
Type  PowerTech™ PSS 13.5L  
   Exhaust emission regulation compliancy - Final Tier 4  
Model  Europe: 6135HZ014  
   North America: 6135HZ013  
Displacement  13.5 L 
   823.8 cu in. 
Cylinders  In line six  
Fuel system  Unit injectors plus four valves  
Cooling system  
Cooling system capacity  113 L 
   29.85 U.S. gal. 
Cooling fan drive  Direct  
Ground drive  Standard: Hydrostatic, 3-speed - manual shift with helical gears  
   Engine rpm on road: 1650 rpm 
   Optional: Prodrive™, autoshift transmission, differential lock (automatic and manual), automatic wet brake system  
   Engine rpm on road: 1400-2100 rpm 
Hydraulics  Load sensing  
Crop harvesting unit  Harvest channel wide  
Crop flow components  Low-friction crop-flow concept  
Main clutch  Dry clutch  
Number of discs  One disc  
Main driveband  Reinforced with Kevlar inserts  
Belt tensioning  Active, hydraulic pressure  
Main driveband, polybelt belts  Eight belts  
Electrical system/Electrical and hydraulic system  
Type/voltage  12 / 24 V 
Batteries/battery quantity/capacity  2 x 174 amp-hr 
Alternator  12 V - 200 amp 
   24 V - xxx amp 
Hydraulic system capacity  50 L 
   13.2 U.S. gal. 
Ground drive  
Type  Standard: hydrostatic, 3-speed manual shift  
   Optional: Prodrive™, autoshift transmission  
Differential lock  Manual or automatic (optional comes with ProDrive)  
Maximum transport speed  Hydrostatic transmission: 30 km/h 
   18.6 mph 
   ProDrive transmission: 40 km/h 
   24.9 mph 
Rear axle type  Hydro-mechanical 4WD  
Automatic wet brake system  Available with ProDrive transmission  
Engine rpm - Management  Optional  
Tilt and extend steering column  Standard  
Air conditioning and heater  Standard - ClimaTrak  
Cool box  Optional  
Trainee seat  Standard  
Hectare counter  Standard  
Operator information system  Cornerpost display  
CAN-BUS electronics  Standard  
Operator's seat  Air-suspension seat optional  
Side window wiper  Rear and side window wiper optional  
   Parallel-type windscreen wiper  
Electric adjust and heated  Optional on rear view mirrors  
Rear view mirrors  Standard  
Machine management solutions  
Yield monitoring  Harvest Monitor™ optional  
Documentation  Harvest Doc™ optional  
Crop analysis  HarvestLab™ optional  
Length-of-cut control based on crop parameter  Infinitely variable length-of-cut (IVLOC™) standard  
Satellite (GPS) assisted steering  AutoTrac™ optional  
Crop-harvesting units  
Header height control  Advanced header control (AHC) optional  
Grass pick-ups  3.0, 4.0, 4.5 m 
   9.8, 13.1, 14.8 ft 
Maize or corn headers  ---  
Harvest channel  
Width  ---  
Length of cut  
Range  40 knives: 7-26 mm (0.275-1.0 in.) LOC / 1 mm (0.04 in.) steps  
   48 knives: 6-22 mm (0.24-0.87 in.) LOC / 1 mm (0.04 in.) steps  
Feeding system/Feedrolls  
Feed roll frame opening  Swing away, 37-45 degree (angle) 
Number  Four  
Metal detector  Standard  
   Stone detector is optional  
Width, front  830 mm 
   32.7 in. 
Standard feed roll drive  Infinitely header drive speed standard  
Optional feed roll drive  Hydro feedroll drive IVLOC  
Type  ---  
Knife drum width  850 mm 
   33.5 in. 
Knife drum diameter  670 mm 
   26.3 in. 
Speed at rated engine speed  Standard - 1100 rpm 
   Optional - 1200 rpm 
Knife types available (crop)  Straight - grass  
   Curved - corn  
Number of knives  40 or 48  
Knife sharpening system  
Reverse rotation  Yes  
Automatic from cab  Yes, remote from cab  
Reverse drive  Standard  
Reverse speed  ---  
Kernel processor  
Type  Serrated roller  
Quick-change  Quick kernel processor - swing in/swing out  
Serrated roller (kernel processor)  
Maize, roll teeth number (speed differential)  118 - 24 or 32 percent 
Wholecrop, roll teeth number (speed differential)  178 - 32 percent 
Sorghum, roll teeth number (speed differential)  238 - 32 percent 
Weight  163.3 kg 
   360 lb 
Disk type (kernel processor)  
Number of disks (top/bottom)  17/16 plus 2-1/2  
Diameter of disks  240 mm 
   9.45 in. 
Weight  190.5 kg 
   420 kg 
Blower/Crop accelerator  
Number of blades  10  
Rotation, degrees  210 degree (angle) 
Hydraulic height position  Hydraulic raise and lower standard  
   Automatic spout positioning optional  
Double-cap deflection  Standard  
Number of wear liners  ---  
Rotary radiator screen cleaner  Standard  
Automatic lubrication system  AutoLube optional  
Engine oil and filter change duration  JD+50™ II oil: 350 hours  
   Other oil: 250 hours  
With front tires  710/70R42  
With rear tires  620/60R30  
Transport length (without header)  6.6 m 
   21.7 ft 
Transport width (without header)  3-3.7 m 
   9.84-12.1 ft 
Transport height (to cab roof)  3.89 m 
   12.75 ft 
Working height (maximum)  Height to spout: 6.60 m 
   21.65 ft 
Approximate weight (without header)  ---  
Propelling drive  
Standard  Hydrostatic, 3-speed - manual shift with helical gears  
Type  Standard: Hydrostatic, 3-speed - manual shift with helical gears  
   Hydro-mechanical rear axle optional  
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