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John Deere 348 Square Baler

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  • Adjustable hay compressor
  • Hydraulic bale tension available
  • Large windrow capacity
  • Automatic lockout


Manufacturer John Deere
Model 348
Bale size  
Height x width  36 x 46 cm 
   14 x 18 in. 
Length  30.5 to 127 cm 
   12 to 50 in. 
Maximum volume  ---  
Dry bale weight  N/A  
Pickup width  187.9 cm 
   74 in. 
Tooth bars/teeth  6 bars, 156 teeth  
Lift control  Crank (hydraulic opt.)  
Pickup diameter  49.5 cm 
   19.5 in. 
Compression rack rods  ---  
Diameter  41 cm 
   16 in. 
Length  154.9 cm 
   61 in. 
Feed opening  ---  
Strokes/minute  93  
Stroke length  ---  
Typing mechanism  
No. of knotters  2  
Twine capacity  8  
Twine type  Plastic or sisal  
Knot strength (minimum required)  ---  
Central lube system  Optional  
Wire twisters  ---  
Wire ball capacity  4  
Baler dimensions  
Length w/ short tongue  N/A  
Length w/ long tongue  576.5 cm 
   227 in. 
Width  274.3 cm 
   108 in. 
Height  170.2 cm 
   67 in. 
Weight empty  1411 kg 
   3110 lb 
Tractor requirements  
PTO speed  540 rpm 
Minimum PTO  26 kW 
   35 PTO hp 
Drive mechanism  
Driveline  Equal angle 3 joint category 4  
Optional driveline  Equal angle 3 joint category 5  
Pickup  Belt  
Plunger  Gear and shaft  
Knotters  Gear and shaft  
Feeder forks  Gear and shaft  
Diameter of flywheel  ---  
Drivetrain protection  
PTO  ---  
Gearbox  ---  
Pickup  Belt slip  
Needles  Shear bolt/plunger head stop  
Knotters  Shear bolt  
RH Standard tire size  26x12.0-12, 4 ply  
RH Optional tire size  ---  
LH Standard tire size  11L-14, 6 ply  
LH Optional tire size  ---  
Gauge Wheels  1 optional  
Pickup Gauge Wheels Tires Size  16.5x6.50-8  
Work  Optional  
Transport lights  None  
Density Control System  
Adjustable Bale Density  Mechanical crank  
Adjustable Hydraulic Bale Density  Optional  
Bale Counter  ---  
Bale Ejector  
Available  Optional  
Bale Chute  
Regular bale chute  ---  
Short chute  Optional  
Long chute  Optional  
Side bale drop chute  Optional  
Wagon hitch  Optional  
Date collected    
Baler design