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Bigham Hipper Tumbler®

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Standard Features Over Fold design for folding tool bars

  • Over Fold design for folding tool bars
  • Close coupling for ease of lifting and correct operation
  • 24″ diameter Tumbler® baskets with sixteen 1″ round bars
  • Double set of 12 1/2″ Tumbler® baskets – front baskets have eight 1/4″ X 2″ blades and the back baskets have eight 3/4″ round bars
  • Two heavy duty adjustable gauge wheels w/11L X 15 tires
  • Two adjustable YETTER Markers
  • Cat 3/3N/4N


Model Description
HT40F 12-Row, 38″ or 40″ or 16-Row 30″ Spacing
HT36F 12-Row, 36″ Row Spacing
HT32F 12-Row, 30″ Row Spacing
HT27F 8-Row, 36″, 38″ or 40″ Row Spacing
HT26 10-Row, 30″ Spacing or 8-Row 38″ Spacing
HT21 8-Row, 30″ Spacing or 6-Row 38″ Spacing