Bigham MegaTill HD

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Tillage MegaTill HD

Break up hardpan and compaction to provide a healthy subsoil environment.
MegaTill HD’s high clearance Heavy Duty Shanks penetrate furrows or beds to the depths you want to plow. Durable construction similar in design to our Paratill® Leg design gives long life in heavy and hard soils. A replaceable chromium carbide s... + Read More

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MegaTill HD Inter-Row Sub-Soilers

Equipped on double bar frames with your choice of Double 4×4 or Double 4×7 lower tubes and Category III 4” drop hitch.

Odd numbers of 36” shanks and double bar reinforced clamps are included on MegaTill HD Inter-Row SubSoilers for placement in furrows. Coulters are not included.

MegaTill HD Sub-Soilers

Equipped with a heavy diamond mast frame to allow coulter and shank placement at virtually any row spacing. Category III 4” drop hitch provides ground clearance for long shanks.

Even numbers of spring loaded swivel coulters and 36” shanks with double bar reinforced clamp packages are included with all standard MegaTill Sub-Soilers to accommodate top of bed placement.


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