Bigham Hipper Tumbler®

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Hippers Hipper Tumbler®

Perfect Bed Preparation

The Hipper Tumbler® aids planting operation and optimizes irrigation and drainage by configuring, preparing, and compacting seed beds and furrows.

The uniformly shaped furrows between the elevated seed beds improve drainage and assist in irrigation. The Hipper Tumbler® can minimize the far... + Read More

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Standard Features Over Fold design for folding tool bars

  • Over Fold design for folding tool bars
  • Close coupling for ease of lifting and correct operation
  • 24″ diameter Tumbler® baskets with sixteen 1″ round bars
  • Double set of 12 1/2″ Tumbler® baskets – front baskets have eight 1/4″ X 2″ blades and the back baskets have eight 3/4″ round bars
  • Two heavy duty adjustable gauge wheels w/11L X 15 tires
  • Two adjustable YETTER Markers
  • Cat 3/3N/4N


Model Description
HT40F 12-Row, 38″ or 40″ or 16-Row 30″ Spacing
HT36F 12-Row, 36″ Row Spacing
HT32F 12-Row, 30″ Row Spacing
HT27F 8-Row, 36″, 38″ or 40″ Row Spacing
HT26 10-Row, 30″ Spacing or 8-Row 38″ Spacing
HT21 8-Row, 30″ Spacing or 6-Row 38″ Spacing