If you have a long gravel driveway at your place, and you live where it snows in the winter, you’ve probably had this experience. During the winter you cleared snow from the driveway using a snowblower (US CA)or other implement and very likely pushed a fair amount of driveway gravel into the grassy border area. Gravel in the grass isn’t good for mower blades, so how do you get the gravel back where it belongs without doing it by hand.

Using a loader mount rotary broom (US CA).

Set the broom height to minimize any damage to your grass, and set it’s angle to push the loose driveway gravel in the grass back where it belongs. It may take more than one pass, but before you know it, your grass will be virtually gravel-free, which could save a lot of maintenance on your mower blades throughout the grass-growing season.

Talk to your John Deere dealer about which rotary broom is right for you and your tractor.

And remember, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.

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