Select Series X300

John Deere Select Series X300 Lawn Tractors for sale at Shoppa's Farm Supply. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Bay City, Beaumont, East Bernard, El Campo, Giddings, Liberty, Shiner, and Victoria, TX.

    Comfort and Convenience


    Open-back 15-in. high-back seat is adjustable to 15 positions on 7 inches of seat travel. This design allows for air circulation and keeps the operator’s back cool and dry for better comfort.


    Headlights are designed to provide optimum lighting pattern for mowing and snow removal when light conditions are limited.

    Twin Touch™ Pedals

    Hydrostatic Twin Touch pedals allow the operator to easily control the direction and speed of travel of the tractor without having to lift their foot off the platform.

    Mower Deck Height Adjustment

    Quickly and easily adjust the mower deck height-of-cut in 1/4-inch increments with the rotary dial knob.

    Exact Adjust Deck Leveling System

    The deck-leveling gauge and four-position Exact Adjust ports and Exact Adjust wrench make deck leveling easy. Essential for a quality cut.

    Instrument Display

    Automotive-style display, backlit for better visibility, features fuel gauge and tachometer with best cut quality target zone.

    Power to Mow and More

    V-Twin Engines

    X300 Series models are powered by iTorque™ Power Systems--a combination of engine features and exclusive hood design that provides superior lugging ability, even cooling, and durability.

    4-Wheel Steering

    All four wheels turn on the X304, X324 to greatly reduce the need to back up when trimming around tight areas such as trees or highly curved landscaping

    Accel Deep™ Mower Deck

    Available in 48- and 54-in widths, these decks were designed to mow well fast, with a deeper draw and flat top, to deliver better cut quality at faster speeds.

    Power Steering and Hydraulic Lift

    Enjoy automotive style steering and raise and lower your mower deck the easy way. A little power goes a long way.

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X330tractor42indeck.png

    X330 Tractor with 42-inch Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X350tractorwith4210deck2016.png

    X350 Tractor with 42-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-JohnDeere-X350R-42inch.jpg

    X350R Tractor with 42-inch Rear-Discharge Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X350tractorwith48indeck2016.png

    X350 Tractor with 48-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-JD-X354TractorW-42in.png

    X354 Tractor with 42-in. Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X370tractorwith42indeck2016.png

    X370 Tractor with 42-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X380tractorwith48indeck2016.png

    X380 Tractor with 48-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X380tractorwith54indeck2016.png

    X380 Tractor with 54-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-JD-X384TractorW-48in.png

    X384 Tractor with 48-inch Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X390tractorwith48indeck2016.png

    X390 Tractor with 48-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X390tractorwith54indeck2016.png

    X390 Tractor with 54-in Deck

  • CroppedImage385230-johndeere-X394tractorwith48indeck2016.png

    X394 Tractor with 48-in Deck

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