5E Series (85-100 hp)

John Deere 5E Series (85-100 hp) Utility Tractors for sale at Shoppa's Farm Supply. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Bay City, Beaumont, East Bernard, El Campo, Giddings, Liberty, Shiner, and Victoria, TX.

    The 5E Series - Operator-focused

      • 24/12 PowrReverser™ Transmission

        You now get even more speed ranges to handle any task. Shift from hi to lo via buttons on the gear shift lever, no clutching required. And with a 33.3% increase in top speed you'll get more done in less time.

      • Everything in Its Right Place

        The control pod on OOS tractors that includes throttle, PTO, SCV, hitch controls, and draft controls is now on the right side giving you easier access to key operating controls.

      • LCD Instrument Cluster

        Now with one screen instead of three, you'll get instant access to all the information you need: warning lights, ground speed, PTO speed, PTO target bar, PowrReverser position, hour meter, Hi/Lo indicator, and diagnostic codes in a glance.

      • The Best View on the Farm

        The low sloping hood and raised operator platform (on cab models) give you 3.6 feet (1.1 m) of extra visibility in front of the tractor.

      • Easy Clean Cooling System

        The new slide out condenser, radiator screen, tiltable charge air cooler, and slide out oil cooler enable you to quickly access cooling system components, without tools, to clean debris away from cooling system.

      • Attaching Implements Has Never Been Easier

        With the new standard sway bars and telescoping draft links no tools are required to attach or detach implements.

      • Light Up The Night

        With the new high-output LED work light field installed option (cab only) you get increased lighting intensity compared to halogen lights. Getting more work done at night frees up your time during the day for other tasks.

      • Better for the Environment and Your Checkbook

        These Final Tier 4 tractors have improved fuel consumption and with the standard Economy PTO you'll see 20% better fuel consumption.

      • Spend Time in the Field, Not the Service Bay

        With best-in-class service intervals, by 1,200 hours the only things you'll have needed to replace are your fluids and filters.

    • Why Replace When You Can Stack?

      The new stackable mid and rear SCV valves allow you to upgrade from a dual to a triple SCVs without having to change the valve block.

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